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PayScale combines salary data with superior software utilizing AI and the most advanced reporting tools available to help individuals know their worth and employers to get pay right.
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PayScale is Your Adaptive Compensation Advantage

With powerful forces reshaping the world of business, a new approach to compensation is needed—one that utilizes multiple streams of transparent data and AI-powered technology to price jobs, alert you to changes in the market, and drive business decisions at previously inconceivable speeds.

With PayScale’s compensation management software, employers can focus on business outcomes rather than manual tasks, enabling every job offer and pay increase to be data-driven and decided with confidence so your organization can thrive?in the midst of?change and possibility.

Why PayScale Leads the Compensation Industry
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Trusted Data
PayScale’s open data strategy gives customers unmatched access to intelligent streams of transparently curated, validated salary data with the freedom to mix and match from multiple sources — all on one platform.
  • 65+ million salary profiles of up Crowdsourced salary data collected online
  • 2,000+ companies representing 2.5 million employees participating in Company Data
  • Access to thousands of traditional market surveys from third-party providers
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Actionable Insights
PayScale offers hundreds of templates and tools as well as native integration with Tableau for advanced analytics, including multivariate regression analysis. In addition, PayScale’s AI-powered modeling engines learn continuously and provide suggestions for compensation decisions.
  • Predictive market pricing
  • Merit increase planning
  • Trend reporting
  • Pay equity and other advanced analysis
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Operational Speed
PayScale is known for its reliability and performance as well as and features and tools that make managing compensation easy. In addition, PayScale captures trends and signals changing conditions so you can recalibrate comp and keep up with the market.
  • Acceleration of compensation processes
  • Streamlined survey participation
  • Easy data activation and access
  • Scalable service offerings for additional support
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“Managers ask me when they will get an email to start with Team. They would never ask that about a spreadsheet! They’re excited about using Team because it’s so quick and simple for them.”

Margarita Navarro — Payroll Administrator, Mariani Packing Company

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How Modern Approach to Compensation Helps Your Business
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Compensation Structure
PayScale has professional services, customer support teams, and self-service templates and tools to help you develop a pay philosophy and create pay ranges and grades.
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People Strategy
A mature approach to compensation will help you keep pace with the market, thereby reducing turnover, attracting top talent, and building your reputation as a great place to work.
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Pay Equity
PayScale offers advanced analytics and business advisory partnerships to ensure your employees are paid fairly without bias toward race, gender or other non-compensable factors.
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Workforce Planning
Remote work is on the rise. Accurate market data can help you choose where to expand offices or formulate a remote work or hybrid strategy to take advantage of the changing times.
Built on Multiple Streams of Trusted Salary Data
All PayScale products are powered by heavily validated and transparent sources of market data that can be mixed and matched according to customer needs. PayScale’s commitment to data integrity and transparency ensures that all data is kept true to its source. PayScale offers three categories of market data, all of which can be accessed within our products.
3rd Party Surveys
Any survey purchased from a third-party can be loaded into PayScale. In addition, PayScale has agreements with over a dozen providers to make access to partner surveys especially easy.
Compensation Surveys
Collected from participating PayScale customers, this employer sourced HRIS aggregated data can be used just like a traditional survey and is updated quarterly.
Crowdsourced Data
Collected online daily from individuals filling out survey profiles and heavily validated through a four-step process using statistical models, this data is the freshest and most frequently updated data available to ensure a true reflection of the market.
Our Products
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Insight Lab
Smart and easy-to-use compensation management software made for HR leaders that can be bundled with services and support. Ideal for smaller organizations and developing comp teams.
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Collaborate seamlessly with managers on job pricing, pay raises, and total compensation statements for employees.
Screenshot of MarketPay
An enterprise-level compensation solution built for compensation professionals to manage surveys, price jobs, identify salary trends, conduct analysis and create powerful reports.
Add On:
Pay Equity
Partner with PayScale and the USC Race and Equity Center on multivariate regression analysis and business advisory for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to monitor and address pay equity throughout the organization.

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